What a Market Top Looks Like

The current bull market in stocks reached its 8th anniversary earlier this month, and for about the last four years, professional investors and financial planners have been scratching their heads. The markets have gone up and up and up, and we all know that they won’t go up forever, which means there’s a correction looming […]

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The Presidency and The Coming Bear Market

Over the last few weeks, we and our colleagues across the nation have been fielding calls from clients who are asking the kinds of questions that every professional investor hates to hear. The Dow has reached (and then fallen back below) 20,000. Should I take money off the table? My preferred candidate didn’t win the […]

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Slowing Pace of Consumer Spending

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently published their consumer spending trends report based on age groups.  This reports indicates that as the Baby Boomer generation ages, their overall spending decreases dramatically.  Since consumer spending represents about 70% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), any trend that affects it is important! The chart below shows that […]

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Russian Hacking & What it Means for Your Portfolio

Last week it was announced that Russia was suspected of having interfered with the US presidential elections.  There is no doubt, that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) server.  Those hacked servers provided fodder for WikiLeaks which released many documents to embarrass the Clinton campaign.  At the time of the release of these documents, […]

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Higher Rates: The Tempest in the Teapot

Anybody who was surprised that the Federal Reserve Board decided to raise its benchmark interest rate this week probably wasn’t paying attention.  The U.S. economy is humming along, the stock market is booming and the unemployment rate has fallen faster than anybody expected.  The incoming administration has promised lower taxes and a stimulative $550 billion […]

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With Gratitude and Peace

The Acorn offers many metaphors and symbols, including a few noted below.  Members of Colman Knight share this token with you during the present Thanksgiving season as a symbol of precious life and the invitation to nourish all life with care, connection and dignity. May this Thanksgiving generate a wellspring of gratitude in you for […]

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Precious Human Birth

Recently we shared the news of the tragic loss of our Administrative Director, Patricia Miguelez. Her passing accompanies feelings of shock, grief, and confusion. Our minds want to make meaning of an experience that cannot be pinpointed. No one walking the earth is spared the experience of losing a loved one. Shock holds the territory […]

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The 2016 Presidential Election and your Investments

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, the 2016 Presidential Election seems to be heading towards a Hillary Clinton victory. We do not know who will win but so far it appears that unless a major disaster befalls the Clinton campaign, Hillary Clinton will be our next president. With that stated, it is important […]

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Brexit (British Exit of the Eurozone) And You

Although we sent something out this past Friday, the events of Brexit are so dramatic that another more in depth discussion is warranted. In general, your portfolios are behaving as we expected and the surprise Brexit vote will not create a liquidity or banking crisis similar to the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. We […]

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