The Colman Knight Story

When we married in 1988, Rich was working as a lawyer and Gayle as a CFP® in a large institutional firm. In the same year, we consciously made a decision that a life revolving around long hours in Boston’s financial center was not our life goal or passion. Our departure was also about the lack of alignment with our life purpose and what matters most to our clients. At the large firm, it was primariliy about money. Our vision was to combine our talents and create a firm where the integrity of the client relationship was the central focus. And, if we were going to help our clients build a life worth living, we needed to model our version ourselves. So we did, literally…. We built the Colman Knight offices as a separate building to our home, but a hallway’s walk away – so that we could grow our business while enjoying our family life with our two children, an integral balance of relationships, talents, and community pursuits.

We are among the earliest advocates practicing wholeness in financial planning. In 1995, the Nazrudin Project formed – a collective group of leaders across the country interested in Money and Psychology. In addition to being members of the Financial Planning Association, we joined this project to foster growth in money awareness. Our interest in bringing conscious attention to ‘money messages’ people carry and the unconscious repeating of these detrimental patterns has opened the path for new approaches to financial advising. Integrating our expertise in legal and financial matters with the wisdom and insight of helping people transform their inner beliefs – this is our abiding passion.

Our offices and conference room offer a safe and welcoming place for your confidential conversations. When you arrive, we’ll introduce you to the wonderful staff who helps us make CK and your experience a success.

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