March Newsletter-Pricey Palladium

Quick: What’s the world’s most precious metal? If you answered “gold,” you’re not far off: gold is currently selling at “just” under $1,300 an ounce, more or less, depending on what day you’re in the market. Platinum, which might have been your next guess, is selling at a decades low, now priced at $880 an […]

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The Perfect Pundit Interview

Sometimes, you see something, and it just screams out as the perfect statement with few if any changes. Below, we came across a work from Daniel Solin. There is not much we would add to this as it states everything perfectly. The Perfect Pundit Interview Chances are, you’ve already heard or read endless predictions about… […]

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CK Newsletter-Physically, Americans are regressing

Physically, Americans are regressing On January 1st, Rich began the year of W-Health by walking more than his minimum daily goal of 10,000 steps. In service of longevity, mental acuity and life enjoyment, he optimizes his health with movement, nourishing food, and positive lifestyle. Gayle mirrors those aspirations with daily movement in various forms – […]

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Structured Gratitude

Given the historical events in old New England, there is some controversy around Thanksgiving here. We acknowledge the travesties of our forbears’ deeds, and make present day choices for actions that heal and align with our considered values.  This month we energize gratitude in several ways, and we invite you to invigorate yours: in ways […]

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Where there is fear, there are flames!

Yesterday the DOW fell 831 points closing at 25,598, the largest drop since February 8th of this year. Fear of unknowns carries the turmoil of market decline. The catalyst for the drop can be seen in several areas of our economic, political and emotional environment: 1) reports on corporate profits, 2) political uncertainty, 3) October […]

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A Bull market is defined as a period that starts at the bottom of the previous bear market (a market drop of at least 20%), and continues to move up without a new bear market drop of 20%.  By that definition, we have been in a Bull market far longer than any previous Bull markets. […]

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