“Life is choices, and they are relentless. No sooner have you made one choice than another is upon you.”

On this cold, blustery Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts, we salute all of the runners who are participating today in our hallowed Boston marathon. May these champions of resilience, perseverance, dedication and strength be safe, and finish the race. May we learn from their practice. As you now read the lines above, the race is over […]

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The Future of Retail and Technology Advances

For those of us in the Northeast, the month of March is offering winter wonderland challenges. When power is out, and there is no heat, or when the roads are blocked with fallen trees and branches, the perspective of life immediately shifts to survival. Often any money issue cranks up fear and survival (how can […]

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More Perspectives on Market Events and Volatility

With all the volatility in the stock market we are concentrating this newsletter on the markets but that is not the only financial activity that people have. Large purchases are also important.  Rich’s expert advice was sought in avoiding being taken when financing an automobile.  For most people purchasing an automobile is the second largest […]

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Complete Clearing and Cleaning

The sounds of paper thrashing are in the background while typing this message. Iron Mountain, a shredding company, is on location to remove the paper waste we have accumulated. We sit humbling like the cobbler whose children have no shoes. You see, though we offer a superior practice of annual document clearing, we have been […]

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A Pointed Review of the Current GOP Tax Plan

President Trump has stated the new tax plan is his and the Republican party gift to the American people. Below is an outline of the proposed changes offered by our elected officials. Our presentation of these changes is for information only. In presenting the plan, we believe it is prudent to present the changes as […]

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Gratitude. Jessie. Take A Moment.

November, the precious month of Thanksgiving, gets shortchanged. At least that is how this month feels this year. Halloween stretched beyond a week with two weekend celebrations and a Tuesday night feast. No doubt children and dentists are thrilled. We blink our eyes and lights, wreaths, holiday flyers, music, trees, and colors start to appear. […]

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The Equifax Fiasco: How to Respond to a Data Breach

Amidst the fires in the west and the hurricanes in the south, and continual worry about friends and family located in all parts of the country, you may have read that hackers broke into the Equifax database and stole personal information tied to 143 million people. While the safety and care of people is most important, we […]

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Retirement Reality

Planning for retirement is one of the top three objectives of every client engaged in a professional financial relationship (even for those who are already retired). And, every financial advisor, every institution, every academic, every Tom, Dick and Harry has advice concerning how to save, how much to save, where to save…. for retirement. A […]

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Macro and Micro – How to “hold” it All

Pausing before I type, as I attempt to organize my thoughts from the spontaneous title that just swept through me, I note that we humans live moment by moment in the flurry of events. All of us abide in a world of macroeconomics, social systems, global issues that affect our microeconomics, our personal and social […]

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Transitions, Disruptions, Upheavals – Oh My!

The title of this article brings up emotions, feelings and concepts. Pause and notice what emotions, feelings and concepts are present for you. My guess is that on a continuum of ecstatic positive joy (left) and depths of despair (right), you might be in the middle but more likely closer to the right. Am I […]

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