Complete Clearing and Cleaning

The sounds of paper thrashing are in the background while typing this message. Iron Mountain, a shredding company, is on location to remove the paper waste we have accumulated. We sit humbling like the cobbler whose children have no shoes. You see, though we offer a superior practice of annual document clearing, we have been remiss in our own practice in our office space, until now.

Burst pipes and water flow supported our comprehensive clearing of old documents – papers from before the turn of the millennia. You are shaking your head. Please note: No Client Information was harmed in this situation! With blazing red faces, we share the full story. Convenient cabinets line the walls of the Colman Knight office space. Multiple drawers in furniture and wall cabinets holding both legal and letter sized files are strategically located in the offices. Though we have been paperless for many years, old documents and other materials have been held in these spaces waiting for attention. The recent cold burst from Mother Nature seized our pipes and cracked them wide open. Good fortune abounds as the contractor helping with a bathroom renovation responded quickly to minimize the damage. However, water damage ensured the documents hidden behind closed doors and drawers would be seen.

In a few hours, no more than a day, we gathered all of the papers together in boxes for retrieval.  With final cleaning and repairs, we will declare a fresh start, a new beginning, and a better practice of annual clearing of documents.

Do not mirror our system and require nature to do dirty work. Access the link below and give your files a proper brushing up. Remove and destroy any old papers that no longer serve you.


On your next visit to or conversation with Colman Knight, we invite you to ask us about our learnings and any other pearls of wisdom we can offer to support you and your organization journey

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