Gratitude. Jessie. Take A Moment.

November, the precious month of Thanksgiving, gets shortchanged. At least that is how this month feels this year. Halloween stretched beyond a week with two weekend celebrations and a Tuesday night feast. No doubt children and dentists are thrilled. We blink our eyes and lights, wreaths, holiday flyers, music, trees, and colors start to appear. The holidays are encroaching.  Encroach means to advance beyond proper, established or usual limits. So what would be proper encroachment?

If you are feeling the encroachment of holidays, mindless media, world unrest, troubling violence, or (fill in your own situation), we suggest a new App for your phone called LiveA Moment. Yes, it may seem like a corny tool. But in a moment of encroachment, it might be just what you need. It offers three minutes of one practice in 1) healing, 2) connecting, or 3) shifting. Sometimes, all it takes is three minutes of focused attention to meet encroachment more skillfully.

While transitions have always been an integral view of out work, more and more we are living in this wave, day by day. There is scant pause before the “next” disruption arises. Disruptions are not good or bad, though we might label them that way. Disruptions are changes, a primary ingredient of life. In the modern world, we are being steeped in changes more intensely and more frequently with the advances of technology, information sharing, and the blasting of our nervous system.

Even the Equity markets seem to be dancing to a different tune… October is known for market corrections, such as experienced in 1987 and 2008. But this year, the October equity markets hit new highs in more days than not.  Employment and the pace of the economy seemed to pick up, when “normally” we experience a slow-down. The economic rising may be attributed to three hurricanes that ravaged Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico, but something else may be occurring. Again, staying in the moment, without judgment, is the best practice for optimizing well-being.

Colman Knight has learned through practice in all of our client engagements to navigate changes with humility, grace and truth. Changes are upon us once again.

When you come to our offices in Carlisle or call us on the phone, you won’t have the pleasure of seeing or hearing Jessie Foster anymore. Jessie was “scooped up” by a large Boston bank located a stones throw away from her home. We enjoyed three years of Jessie’s energy, kindness, enthusiasm, strengths and care. Her decision to leave Colman Knight was very difficult and we will miss her presence. Yet, we practice our philosophy and walk our talk when it comes to living in alignment with our deepest desires. Jessie wanted to return to working in the city full time to create more ease and time for her family. She will devote her energy to her passion in financial planning with old colleagues from a prior firm. Please join us is celebrating her contributions to Colman Knight and best wishes for a fulfilling and rewarding experience at First Republic.

As we enjoy the autumn season, Thanksgiving, and welcome the close of the year, take a moment for gratitude. Take a moment for yourself. On Gayle’s childhood bedroom wall hung a poster of a sunset with the following poem. May this be an inspiration for you.

We must have room to be alone

To let our close kept thoughts run free.

For what is today without time to wonder.

What is tomorrow without a dream?

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