Precious Human Birth

Recently we shared the news of the tragic loss of our Administrative Director, Patricia Miguelez. Her passing accompanies feelings of shock, grief, and confusion. Our minds want to make meaning of an experience that cannot be pinpointed. No one walking the earth is spared the experience of losing a loved one. Shock holds the territory of here one minute gone the next. Grief swells with sadness and the love and care of the person we will miss. Confusion goes this way and that – sourcing answers that are partial and self-soothing.

As we honor the bright light Patricia shined at Colman Knight, we supercharge her passing with a blessing to everyone. She would want this – it’s her kindness and generosity that speaks through us now. In her time with Colman Knight, she quickly fell in love with clients and her motivation to serve was unparalleled. Equally emphasized was her attention to detail and finding great satisfaction in improving the CK systems and processes for effectiveness.
In no particular order, we all saw and felt these special attributes in her presence…

•sweetness, caring, kindness
•snappy dresser, polished, great taste
•very organized, impeccable attention to detail, clutter free
•loving mother, friend, confident
•high integrity, positive energy, optimistic

We saw and felt something special in her presence.
As you receive these words and bring Patricia to your heart, consider your own precious life. When we begin the CK journey, and as we dynamically steer life with you, we engage in conversation that goes well beyond the numbers. You might recall the three scenarios, which result in answering what matters most in your life. The last scenario is presencing 24 hours… what would be your regrets or longings in your life if you had 24 hours to live? While we cognitively know that life could end in a moment (being hit by a bus), we rarely live as if it were so.

In this period of mourning, reflecting on our precious human existence, take a moment to ask yourself, if I only had 24 hours left in this body on this planet, what would be my regrets and longings? What would be left unfinished that was my gift to share with the world? Allow your answers to motivate you with new energy, vitality and inspiration. Patricia would be deeply moved knowing the end of her life brought some life back to yours.

Colman Knight

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